Even the kitchen sink


I'm a mom of three super funny and sweet kids. But some days I don't want to cook for those dirty rats. HAHA! (Don't worry, they know I call them that.) Other times I do something like this because they absolutely love it! My daughter is still a bit particular (see...I didn't call her picky), so she really likes meals where I gather small amounts of anything I can find. Not only does it change things up a bit, it uses up some of the items that you don't have enough of to actually form a whole meal, reducing your food waste! 

There is no recipe for this - just make little piles of things you have. In this case I did make some quick drop biscuits that made it feel a little more special because sometimes I just can't help myself.

  • veggies
  • fruits
  • meats
  • cheeses
  • crackers/breads
  • jams
  • olives/peppers

Put out everything - even the kitchen sink!